A Model Family



Here, you will find some of the purpose behind A Model Family.  If you would like to participate or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


  • We are all unique individuals with our own unique strengths and ways of viewing and approaching situations
  • We all choose to grow, support, and encourage one-another
  • We are stronger together
  • We are living examples of a new way of thinking, learning, and approaching the world
  • We are parts of something bigger than us


You may have seen us on social media making family videos, but at our core, we have a passion for making a positive impact in this world.  Below, you will find some of the projects that we are pushing to bring to life within the next year.  


A semi-scripted (reality-based) 10 episode series of a fashionable influencer family navigating the modeling industry and life as a close-knit unit promoting a healthy lifestyle, beauty from the inside out, self-empowerment and creative expression.  It is planned to have the series first air on TRIBE DIGITAL TV – a new ad-supported CTV/OTT app that has a diverse library of TV shows, and documentaries, as well as live streams, PPV events and Original content.  Some brands currently advertising on TRIBE are: Geico, Car Shield and Southwest Airlines.  Profits generated from the reality show will go towards the non-profits and projects listed below.


In 2015, the MADONNA INSTITUTE was created from the growing demand for positive parenting models.  In the United States, there are approximately 10,000 babies born each day.  The United States is currently experiencing a shortage in obstetricians because of the doctor shortage and lack of incentive to become an obstetrician.  Midwifery has been the answer to the decreasing number of obstetricians, however, there is a bigger problem that women are facing in America: ethnic women are having lower birthing success rates (from 83% in 2018 to 76% in 2020 according to the CDC) and there is an increasing number of women dying during the birthing process (658 in 2018 to 864 in 2020 according to the CDC).  An ongoing debate within the birthing community is that there is an overwhelming lack of empathy from the Caucasian midwives (95% of midwives in the U.S.A. today are Caucasian) who are unable to acknowledge when a woman of another race is experiencing difficulties during labor.  More research shows that factors such as proper nutrition, proper housing, and medical malpractice contribute to the unsuccessful births and deaths of pregnant women.  With this being said, about 60% of these deaths are easily preventable.  For these reasons and more, it is safer for an ethnic woman to have her childbirth at home rather than in a hospital. 


The MADONNA INSTITUTE will educate women on birth and natural birth, create support groups for pregnant mommas, provide grands and item support for pregnant mothers, and hold courses for the license of midwifery and certification of doulas.  


MADONNA CHRONICLES is an anthology of birthing stories, giving the range of emotions and parallel situations that have happened.  Each episode can have 1-3 points of view, or characters that give different emotions.  At the end of each episode, we can show a mom and child that the story is related to or who had a similar story.  Each episode gives a brief conclusion of the aftermath of the episode and the MADONNA INSTITUTE gives each featured mother something to support motherhood.  The purpose here it to demonstrate more healthy approaches to situations, answer questions, and inform pregnant mommas on their options.  


ENLIGHTENED DAD is a non-profit that serves the community with different tiers of involvement, assistance, and education.  The different tiers are meant to meet people where they are and raise them to the next level.  ENLIGHTENED DAD host seminars and produces content that will both educate and inspire the black father.  We give our clients the knowledge, support, and confidence that they need to move forward into a better life for generations.


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We are accepting donations for producing the A Model Family reality show to be aired on TRIBE DIGITAL TV.  The profits that we make from this venture will be used to support the non-profits mentioned above.  Donators will be eligible for a shoutout on A Model Family’s platforms, you will receive updates on the project, and select individuals will receive invitations to come see us in action on set!

If you would like to get personally involved, send us an email introducing yourself and how you think you fit in with the projects that we are working on.  We can use the help!